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At Smile for Life we are general dentists which allows us to give you a comprehensive overview of your situation.
Whether you have a toothache or need cosmetic work done  the first step is to see a general dental surgeon who will be able to give you a complete range of choices. Where required we will refer to a specialist in the field.
We also work with the principal of minimal intervention and prevention is better than cure so devote a large part of our practice to making sure you dont develop any worries with your teeth and gums.
Experience means you’re in safe hands and your comfort is assured. We have seen the story from beginning to end played out many times over the years allowing us to recognize patterns and see problems coming before they arise. 
We take a long term family approach to our patients and this has been a source of great satisfaction over the years and we look forward to including you in our practice

The team at Smile For Life

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