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General dentist or general dental surgeon is a term that is used to describe a dentist that is qualified to perform all aspects of dentistry. Dental Specialists are only allowed to work in their special field and as such are limited in what they can offer to do for the patient.
In understanding the difference between general dental surgeons and specialist dentists its helpful to use the analogy of a general dentist being the builder and the specialist being the tradesman. A builder knows every aspect of building in detail. A plumber knows plumbing and is guided by the builder to produce the outcome.
The same applies in dentistry.
Whether you have a toothache or need cosmetic work done you start with a general dental surgeon giving you a complete range of choice, we will bring in a specialist to deal with specific problems – if one is required.

Because specialists are expensive you save time and money in the process

Experience means youre in safe hands and your comfort is assured, a general dentist is only as good as the number of cases he has seen played out over time. You need to see the story from beginning to end played many times over before you can recognise patterns and see problems coming before they arise. 
Below are our most requested treatment procedures – including Emergency dentistry (a tooth ache that just cannot wait), gum disease treatment and anti-snoring treatment.
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