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Tartar deposits that build up on the teeth harbor bacteria which produce gum disease. Inadequate oral hygiene is a major factor in gum disease.
Once a bacterial infection establishes itself, it attacks the gums, bone, and ligaments that support the teeth.

Left untreated, gum disease leads to swollen and bleeding gums as well as  gum recession, bad breath and bone loss (periodontal disease,) and finally ends in tooth loss.

Regular dental visits are your best defense

Early detection and treatment of gum disease is the most effective way of alleviating the problem and preventing long term or extensive damage to the mouth. Regular dental checkups are vital in preventing gum disease.

Your daily oral hygiene is also key

Regular dental checkups and professional cleaning, combined with consistent daily hygiene, can effectively prevent and treat gum disease. Brushing twice and flossing at least once a day can help to combat the build-up of plaque and the gradual hardened tartar that accumulates around the teeth and gums.

We can treat severe gum disease

If we do see signs of early gum disease, our professional staff provides scaling and the careful cleaning of the root surfaces to remove plaque and bacterial toxins within the deeper parts of the periodontal pockets. We first use an ultrasonic instrument, which uses vibrations to remove larger pieces of tartar. Then we use smaller, hand instruments to scrape the remaining tartar.

This is usually a painless procedure and is a highly effectively treatment for gum disease.

For more serious cases of gum disease and infection involving gum pockets, we provide topical antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics are applied directly to the gum surface. This treatment is painless. The antibiotics are composed of time-released granules that are released over a period of weeks.

In more extreme cases, where the gum tissue has become seriously infected. Periodontal surgery may be necessary to remove the infected tissue.

Let us restore your dental health

Good oral health involves consistent home care combined with regular three monthly visits to clean out areas you can reach with your toothbrush and get feedback about how well your brushing. Together we can help your teeth and gums stay healthy for a lifetime!

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