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Your teeth may not be as white and bright as you would like.

Teeth naturally ‘yellow’ with age. In addition, certain foods, caffeine drinks, cigarettes, wine, and even antibiotics can leave your teeth stained or discoloured.

At Smile For Life Dental Practice we have been professionally whitening teeth for over 30 years. Whether it be using home kits or doing the procedure chairside, very few practices have experience going back this long. Over thirty years we have learnt what works and when it works – saving you time and money

Our experience leaves us well placed to get you the best possible whitening result for your particular tooth stain

We have designed our approach to tooth whitening around what we have learnt about the variety of stains we have seen on teeth over the thirty years we have been whitening teeth. Utilising a range of gels and techniques including  home treatments we can provide the best possible results available.

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  • If you would like to restore a healthy, white colour to your teeth, modern tooth whitening techniques can help. At Smile For Life we offer an extensive range of options to help you achieve a brighter smile.

    Using safe, simple, and effective methods, we can provide you with professional tooth whitening in our pleasant and comfortable office environment, and it only takes less than an hour.

    We can also tell you how to whiten your teeth at home with professional quality whitening gel.

  • Our Melbourne tooth whitening process involves the use of a bleaching agent that effectively lightens the shade of the outer layer of tooth enamel before penetrating through to the inner layer of dentin for deep rooted whiteness.

    The agent is applied in one of two ways, depending on your preference.

    The first method involves our staff applying a high-concentration peroxide gel to your teeth using a tray that fits snugly next to your teeth. Next, we use a light source to speed up the bleaching process. Light-accelerated teeth whitening uses a light energy, such as halogen, LED, or plasma arc, in the blue light spectrum to initiate the hydrogen peroxide reaction. This method is quick—it can be completed in about an hour—and is performed by our professional staff. This method gives you the best results in the shortest amount of time, and leaves your teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

    The second method is similar to the first but is done at home. You wear a thin, lightweight, customised mouth guard to hold the bleaching gel against your teeth, and you apply the gel each night for approximately two weeks. This at-home method uses a lower-concentration peroxide gel, but it is applied to your teeth over a longer period of time, so the results are similar to the in-office method.

    While some tooth whitening products available in the store can offer a short term solution to discolouring, they often prove to be superficial and inconsistent because the peroxide concentration in the gel is very low. Smile for Life is one of the few offices in Melbourne to offer the three most successful products in tooth whitening: BriteSmile and Zoom 3rd Generation from Discus Dental, Opalescence from Gunz, and Polar White from Southern Dental Industries. Please contact us to learn more about teeth whitening in our office or at home.

Dr. Selers always wants to ensure that the best solution is provided.

We want to be sure that the whitening solution that is selected (in office or at home) is the best solution for you. Therefore we recommend that you make use of our free consultation with Dr. Selers during which he will answer any questions you may have and find the best solution for you.

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